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Doherty & McBurney have been playing the Irish pubs and clubs in and around the Washington DC metropolitan area for the past 5 years. The lads have taken their dear old Irish Mum's maiden names and adopted them as their own. We are proud of our Irish heritage and enjoy bringing the music of our people, the songs we learned while growing up, to the good folks in Maryland, the District, Virginia, and surrounding areas. Not only do we play the traditional songs from long ago, but we also mix in the more contemporary tunes from bands such as the Cranberries and U2, as well as solo artists like Christy Moore and Van Morrison.

Doherty & McBurney feel most at home in the Irish pubs and have become well acquainted with all the requests from the patrons who come by to hear them. It isn't uncommon for folks to ask for songs like Southern Cross by Stephen Stills or even Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. These are no problem! We can even play Danny Boy and the Unicorn Song when asked nicely and the patron has some green for the tip jar. Sing Along songs are also a staple of our repertoire. There is nothing better than getting a room full of people singing in unison on one of the more traditional favorites like Whisky in the Jar or Finnegan's Wake.

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The Lads

Pat (Doherty) is a multi-instrumentalist who is adept on bass guitar as well as keyboards and drums. Pat is usually seen playing his Taylor guitars (6 & 12 string) in Doherty & McBurney and provides lovely lead and backup vocals for the duo. Rob (McBurney) was a founding member of the Dogs Among the Bushes back in the 80's and still performs with the Dogs at the Cats Eye Pub every now and then. He plays acoustic guitar (6 & 12 string), mandolin, mandola, bouzouki, and tenor banjo. He is also the songster in the group and has a fine range and a subtle brogue. Rob is usually seen picking on his Martin D-41. The Lads have developed quite a repertoire over the years. Many of the all time favorite Irish tunes you would hear in the pubs as well as some great obscure ones.

Here is a sample of Doherty & McBurney in action:

My Bonnie

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My Irish Molly-O

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McBurney's Songbook

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McBurney has been busy in the studio completing his solo project of original Irish folk tunes. The album is entitled "McBurney's Songbook," and is a project dear to Rob's heart. The songs are all about the McBurney family which hails from Washington, Pennsylvania, where the McBurney farm is located. Rob's Mom, Marian, was the inspiration for many of the songs her son has written about his Irish relatives. Rob's Irish musician pals came into the studio to add their special touches to the project. McBurney's Songbook contains a plethora of traditional Irish instrumentation including Uilleann Pipes, Accordion, Bodhran, Celtic Harp, Penny Whistle and Bouzouki. There is even English Horn and Picollo provided by Steve Churchill. Rob reunited with his old band, Dogs Among The Bushes on several tracks. CB Heinemann and Charlie MacVicar play the bouzouki and pipes/whistles. Pat Garvey plays the accordion and Bob Spates adds his lovely fiddle to the mix. Dave Johnson can also be heard on keyboards and organ. The entire project was recorded by Philip Stevenson at Scarey Clown Studios. It's a true celebration of the Irish spirit. Craic'n Cool Celtic Cowboy Crooning!


Songs on the album include Down at the Glen, On The Shore, Come On Maggie, Pouring of the Pint, Ballad of Robert McBurney, Orchard of Bones/Blarney Pilgrim, Charwoman, Och Aye, The Old Leg Over, The Beauty of Ireland, Blood on the Snow, & Turf Fire.

Buy the Album

You can purchase your own copy of McBurney's Songbook which is available on CD Baby. Just go to the following address and pick one up today!

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Contact Information

Doherty & McBurney are available to play at your party or favorite pub. We have a promotional kit and demo we can mail to you. Feel free to contact either Rob or Pat at the following phone numbers and email addresses:

Rob: (Days) 301-286-4886 (Evenings) 301-869-2451


Pat: (Days) 202-895-5036 (Evenings) 301-414-0095