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The Outtakes play acoustic Rock & Roll. The "Takes" are an acoustic power trio that leans towards progressive material you would hear on the alternative radio stations. We also are adept and known to throw in many other musical elements to round out our repertoire. Elements such as Country, Blues, classic eighties songs and even some British Invasion. One thing is for sure - the lush sound of acoustic guitars will be in the forefront.

Joey came up with the moniker "The Outtakes." Joey, Pat and Lenny were in the Harbingers and decided that they would like to play acoustic music without the drums, thus becoming an Outtake of the Harbinger's. Pat was the drummer for the "Binger's," and easily switched from percussion to guitar. The band found that this format was better suited to the more intimate and smaller clubs where listening was a priority. This also led to appearances on Big 100's afternoon radio show with Tom Kelly.

The Outtakes have always been into the deep cuts, or some of the more obscure but nevertheless, great tunes that you don't hear all the time. Great songs off of great albums - sort of the Outtakes that never made it all the way to the top, but are sometimes better than the ones that did.

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The Trio

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Joey Tarbell

Joey is the bass man. Thunder thumbs. Marking changes. In the pocket. These are some descriptions of his playing style. A veteran bass man that started on the big 4 string bass guitar back in the 60's. He has never stopped playing the bass. Joey's experience on the instrument allows him to make a connection with the song and the rest just flows out. New wave, British Invasion, or funk, Joey is adept at these and many other bass stylings. Fender Precision, Rickenbacker 4001, Ampeg amplification. Lead vocals to boot. It's all good!

Pat Puglisi

Pat is the lead guitar guy in the Outtakes. Picking and grinning. Hot licks. Bending strings. This and great rhythm too. The drums came first but the guitar came naturally. Pat knows his way around acoustic and electric guitars as well as he knows his way around a drum kit. He approaches each song with vim and vigor and hold the bass and rhythm guitar together. Classical music, Rock & Roll, or Big Band, Pat draws influences from these genres and many others. Taylor and Martin guitars. Lead vocals as well as backups. It's all there.!

Rob Kilgore

Rob is the rhythm man. Rockin Rob. Joe Strummer. That jangly thing. Lead singer dude and songster of the trio. Rob started on the guitar back in the late sixties and is still at it. Playing and singing together since the beginning, it's always been his thing. Rob's motor rhythm is constant and earthy. The middle ground that encompasses the lead and bass and makes them a whole. Celtic, Folk, Latin rhythms, and Pop. Rob goes from one style to the next. Martin, Taylor, National and Grammer guitars. Harmonizing is his favorite thing to do. It's all right!

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Take One

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Here is an early photo of the Outtakes in action at the Kentlands Club House. That's Lenny Myers on the left, aka the mayor of the Kentlands. Lenny was the left handed guitarist and most charming character in the group. He's playing old Martin D-28 of course. Joey has his old Takamine acoustic bass, and Pat has his old Taylor 710. Totally acoustic - totally cool!

Outtakes for your Intake

Wine Harvest Logo

The Outtakes have a steady gig! We play once a month on the third Sunday at the Wine Harvest. The Wine Harvest is a great little neighborhood bar located in the Kentlands in Gaithersburg, Md. We start at 4:00 and go until 7:00 in the evening. You can grab a bite to eat and enjoy some really good wine or have a Pilsner Urquell or Sam Adams on tap. Not too mention all the great tunes you'll be hearing while you enjoy your libation. There's even a bowl of water for your pooch. Come on by and hang out with us! The Wine Harvest, 114 Market Street, 301-869-4008. See you there.

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Contact Information

The Outtakes are available for bookings. Feel free to contact Pat at the following phone numbers and email address:

Pat: (Days) 202-859-5036 (Evenings) 301-414-0095